Useful Information

Food Service Times

Breakfast can be served as early or late as needed, all we ask is that you let us know what time you would like to eat, the night before.

Lunch is served Monday – Saturday 12.00 noon until 2.00pm,

Sunday lunch is served from 12.00noon until 3.00pm

Evening Meals are served every night from 6.00pm until 9.00pm.

Tables can be reserved in the bar or the restaurant.

Handy Phone Numbers

The Halzephron Inn…..01326 240406

Darren’s 24/7 Taxi…..07879 770445

Helston Medical Centre…..01326 572637

A Little Bit about the Area

The Lizard peninsular is the most southerly point in mainland Britain. The shoreline around The Lizard has many stunning coves and beaches some of which apparently have lost treasure within them, such as Dollar Cove just down the road. In 1669 a Spanish ship reputed to be carrying two tonnes of Spanish coins was wrecked nearby and it is said that even today these silver coins are washed ashore, documents on this ship are poor; however treasure hunting has gone on for centuries. In the mid 1800’s tin miners tried to sink a metre wide shaft under the wreck so that the coins would drop in to the tunnel, however the tunnel was flooded before they could get any coins.

Ever wondered how Helston got its name? Apparently the devil was flying across the sky carrying a huge stone which he wanted to use to block the gates of hell. St. Michael saw him and they had a great battle, halfway through the devil dropped the stone, where it was dropped became known as Helston! The stone is said to be built in to the walls of a local hotel, to celebrate St. Michaels victory, locals now do the Furry Dance through the streets on Flora Day.